What’s working…

The humor and sense of not taking things too seriously is getting to be really good and fresh.  Love how it’s woven into the topics rather than just jokes or bits.  It’s an entertaining way of looking at things.

Good mix of topics, from the latest in politics to movies.  It’s unpredictable and appears that you don’t fear talking about anything.

When you have a well thought out point, nothing is better.  It’s a benchmark of the show and worth developing!


Things to work on from here…

In prep, make it all about “what’s the thing” so that you make your own point loud and clear in most topics.

Think about how stories relate to your personal beliefs, to help get to a deeper point.  Think about how to get to “see, here’s a perfect example of…” instead of just taking each story as a new story

Don’t read.

Give numbers, etc going into breaks, never out of music.  No one cares how to reach you because they don’t know you yet.

Always start with the topic directly, and a hook if you can.

Keep movie segment really short and tight.  It should not be a full segment.

Audio examples…

chad 01 open and humor (extract)

This is so strong because you open right into Ted sound, then come right out into clearly thought out opinion.  No reading here, no wandering.  You know exactly what you want to say!

chad 02 reading no clear point (extract)

You can hear the difference hear.  You come out without a real point, quoting spokespeople and reading statements.  This was not as well prepared as the cut above.