-Up in Topeka, Anchorage.

-Seem to be growing in Indy:

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Dana Research

-Social/Moral, political further down the list.

-Humor, entertainment, stories in context (Example 1 below, Bush and Chad’s son)

-Explain, perspective, emotion, sometimes anger.  Strong.

-Rush Reality/opportunities

What’s working…

-The hour starts!  (Example 2 below, hunter)

-More emotion, and well placed.   A little more necessary, but not too much and never forced.  Just ‘found’.

-Mix of humor and topic.  Unique, a key strength!

What needs attention…

-Put the story, explanation, and context first, almost always.  Never lead with “we’ve got a guest” unless Obama is visiting your garage.  (Example 3 below, Vaxx)

-Don’t interview.  Have conversations that go where you want them to go.  Nothing should be open or unplanned: (Example 4 below, Interview)

1) Prepare: what is the the one/main thing I want to get out of this guy (good way or bad way, doesn’t matter)?

2) Disarm at open, laugh, converse, then leap into where you want to go

3) It’s never about hearing the other side just to hear the other side.  It’s about hearing the other side because you think there’s merit that the rest of us need to come to grips with or you think it’s total BS you need them to expose themselves.

-Don’t look back.  Once you’ve done a segment, move forward. If you reference a past segment, you have to fully reset the segment as though it never happened.

Audio Examples…

Bush and Chad’s son

chad 01 son opportunities

-Perfect example of story in context, female friendly topic


Chad or hunter open perfect

-Perfect open!


chad 03 buried lead 2nd seg vaxx

-Again, really good personal story in context!

This was 4 minutes into second segment on this topic

-This should have been topic lead before interview


chad 02 vaxx interview start

-(Almost) always start with a topic and then intro the interview.

-Converse, never actually interview.

-This has to also be about your clear opinion, even when ‘swinging the other way’.