David Wood very happy. I know he Listens because when I ask how it’s going and what I should tell me he quotes the show more than anything else. It’s great!

Greg Martin: “that guy was good when he was here. He was very good after launch and when I was listening considering pitching Lance for the show. but now…somethings different…he’s really really good. Smooth. On fire. Exactly what our format needs. “

Topics are great. Info/entertainment mix is great.

Sound in is great. Sound in segment outstanding.

Sound out worries me. It’s my cue to leave and “come back”


– I want more sound. More cuts. Play the good ones again and maybe a third time. Reset with them. On lady saying Muslims should not have to root out bad ones you talked for four minutes on one cut. Trump’s Muslim cut will be a turning point for Hillary. Play it over and over. Brand yourself with it so when I hear or see it elsewhere I remember you

– I want more pauses. Longer pauses. When you make a good point or want attention to something stop, pause one best too long, and repeat it or move on. Pauses are like sound but they are much louder.

– Use your voices as Rich has talked about. Be characters and emulate people reacting as you already do but much more.

– I still want you to be more personal. Measured and planned and not spontaneous. Have john help you focus it and decide when to go there. In john Lennon segment (which also didn’t have a lot of music) you asked Phil who his fave Beatle is. I don’t give a shit who his is. I want to know yours. And where you were when Lennon was shot. And what it all means to you. With sound and Lennon music…what’s your favorite Lennon song…and your personal experience. Then open up the phones.

– Phones: call them back when you can. Ask for experiences. Reset when they call In about off topics.


1. Topic, not guest.

2. Hardest questions first, then clean up. Prep them for this.

3. Reset every minute or so.

4. One segment would be a really long time. half a segment, five minutes.