Crap news.  Portland.

Keep the reason you’re doing a topic clear if it’s not immediate or breaking.  Go back to it, reset.  Keep us on track.

Playground/winning/losing had really good stuff but hard to follow and hard to know why.

Your insight is getting better and better. But you are still meandering into it.  Get there faster. Make a plan to get there.

Biggest thing to work on is super simple: reset out of breaks, reset into calls when they refer to ANYTHING in the past. And keep the calls to a single point.  Jump in with them. It’s not about a forum for them.

Your sense of humor is fantastic, just like the insightful points.
Perfect talking about your son and winning and losing in context of playground consultants.

Perfect defending Ben Carson on how he’d handle mass shooting in the moment

Audio Examples…

01 It takes too long to get to point.  Not sure what this is about….

chad 01 recess point too late

02 Really great point about competition. Great way to be authentic…

chad 02 great point competition auth story little unclear

03 Long calls no reset.  Have to reset with every call. And jump in.  More conversation. Keep them short. 

chad 03 call long no reset more gd pt

04 Abortion clinic on  every corner. Better…

chad 04 men ab every corner perfect start

05 All around good segment.  Great way to Mix humor into a tough topic.   El United Stateso!!!

chad 05 good segment guns umpqua