The ‘corralled’ crusade is much better.  There are far more moments when you are entertaining and more informative and it feels like you want us to understand, which is a key driver in why people love the show.


We really have to watch the short segments.  In Orlando when you do a 2 minute segment you’ll lose 4 of 9 meters.  Its a half an hour or longer before they come back.

When the monologue is both informative and entertaining, and it sounds like you’re genuinely having fun, you never lose a single meter in Orlando and Indy.  Even when it’s as simple as this…

Dana 01 open meters build


When the monologue is not immediately about news or campaign, etc, the meters bail pretty quickly.  More so in Orlando…

Dana 02 lose 3 meters

There is too much Kane.  Let’s figure out the right role and the right time.  Lately it sounds too inside and too much like I’m sitting on a couch listening to two people talk.  It never sounds like Dana’s just talking to the listener anymore.