-Two segments that are 11 and 13 minutes without music and key benefits of the show!  That is way too long   What is different in the clock?

-Be very careful about whole live performance songs in the show. Better to play a verse and use it as a tease to keep it short for us and to help the artist sell his music!

-The Nilton call is great as always but since the ‘victim’ is a woman I wonder if he ever goes after people in the target? And does he always come clean at the end?

-Salvador sounds nicer and the topic of his baby crying at all hours is perfect for the target. How close are they to the target on average?

-Andres is so much more alone he has to really start stepping up as a main presenter: slow down after Formatics, talk about personal experiences that relate to the topic, make Joanna laugh! Also keep it interactive: even when not planning to take reaction open it up to calls or messages so the audience always feels they are part of your action.


Nilton Prank Call 04

rfm 04 32-43

David Carreira full performance 01

RFM 01 15-19