What’s Working…

Unas!  Wow those benchmarks are fantastic.   They are fresh, funny, and they are tight on time…always about 3 minutes long, but they seem loose and not racing.

Andre’s energy, tone, and style are much better.  He sounds stronger, more in command, and moves his own segments along faster than before.

A story of three great Portuguese under 30 was well selected.   It’s good to get content from the news and from current events, staying away from politics.


What could still use some attention…

That story of 3 Portuguese under 30 mentioned above was started very well but then became about the team.  It has to always be about us.  Recommendation below.

Joanna is good at being the surprising one, saying things that ‘shock’ us, but I think she should do more of this when Nilton is not there.

Never look back.  Andre opens a quick segment saying he was corrected by the news guy for something he said in a previous segment. The last segment is ancient history.



1) In a topic from outside, like the 3 Portuguese under 30, end it with something like “yeah Forbes found these three, but come on, how many times do you see someone who is just amazing at what they do. How they cook, how they explain something, how they gently talk you out of buying something stupid and get you to by something much better.  So this is to the Forbes, and everyone else we meet who in their own world is just as good”

2) Joanna’s role should be to represent all the things the target listener thinks but does not have the courage to say and Joanna should sometimes say them.  Not all the time, maybe a couple of times per show.  We’ll know she’s hit it right when Andre and Marianna react with a spontaneous “whooooaaa Joanna!  I can’t believe you said that!”.

3) More Unas!

4) Only move forward.  Never refer to a past segment unless you are bringing up a Greatest Hit.  Never be corrected on the air for something already done.  Just move on.


Audio Examples…

1) From Forbes magazine, three great Portuguese under 30…

RFM 13-16