Overall Observations

Andre is lower and slower and really starting to sound like a leader of the morning show. You can hear this in the News Of The Day example below.

Salvador is thinking too fast. We have to have him focus on just one thing, thinking fast. Right now he is too hard to follow, even with headphones and reading along!

Is there a microphone problem? Two or three times in the hour there is noise and distortion.

News of the Day

rfm news of day ldr mic tease

This is a great story, and well told. The length is perfect. Any longer would have been too long. It might have helped to add a little more pause for tension before telling the second ‘best’ part or the story. But this is really good.


bigodie cozido portiguese long in

It seems like this is very slow moving at first when Nilton is going through his voices. Would this be stronger if they introduce him, he goes into a voice, and then immediately starts talking about cozido portuguese?

Topic of Day (quitting Facebook)

rfm facebook

Marianna and Joanna do a great job of moving both callers forward fast, and they keep it fun. I don’t think anyone mentions that Instagram is also FB, so they’re still with Facebook even if they’re not on the main product. This would have been better with a little more prep to get to that and to have fun with the callers about it.