RFM October 8, 2014


What’s Working

Unas sounds great.  The tool we’ve needed to get everyone to sound like friends without chatting!

Bigode sounds great.

I’ve heard more genuine laughing and team with NILTON in character than I have heard in a long time

It’s good to split Bigote to get credit for another benchmark. Bigote with Nilton live sounds good.

Andreu tone gettng better   Slow down and humanize just a little more

What needs attention

News package at 00 is almost five minutes long.

News is too serious.

Segments lengths are long.  All the benchmarks are around 4 minutes.  They should be 3 minutes especially since Unas and Bigode provide more team interaction.


1) Make news 2 minutes long.

2) Make news “five things you need to know this morning from RFM”

3) 3 minute benchmarks


Audio Examples


rfm 01 news open



rfm 02 unas



efm 03 bigode