The main benchmark:

RFM_Café da Manhã_07-08h TALK 6 – Talk Too Long!!!_20141104

-At 3.20 this did just way too long.  It really  needs to be 2.00 max.

-Good start but you can hear it lose focus.  It goes from crazy Portuguese cuisine to just three people talking about food.

-Nobody is really smiling and having fun here.

-There is not a lot of the listener in this.   It needs either listener stories or call to action much stronger and earlier.

The followup, listener reaction…

RFM_Café da Manhã_07-08h TALK 7 – Listeners Posts on FB_20141104

-You have to reset the topic, loudly but very short

-These are good, fast reactions.  This is the tone and “interactivity” you want in the cut above.

-I want to hear more of you mixed in this.

-This could have been a little longer!