RFM_Café da Manhã_07-08h – TALK 2 – About breakfast_20141023


1) This is smooth and fun and it sounds like everyone is having fun.  The girls don’t step on André and he does not step on them.

2) This starts well, but becomes all about them too much at the beginning.  PERSONAL IS VERY IMPORTANT but you have to be careful.  You have to always make it all about the listener, and mix in your personal experience.   For example in this segment…

-André breakfast mention

-Story about crazy shit people eat all over the world

-Joanna jumps in and says she’s boring because she just has yogurt..

-More stories from world

-Marianna mentions her breakfast, Andre asks what’s the craziest stuff you’ve eaten in the morning or would you eat half the stuff we’re talking about.

3) This should be 2.00 max.  Three minutes is way too long.  If you had a crazy good call, like someone says “I have 6 raw eggs with a little sugar every morning” for example, this could be 3.00 including the team’s breakfasts.

4) André might just be a little TOO smooth.  Be more dynamic.  More smile at the formatics and time.  Then more pauses as you’re doing the content and the girls are commenting, to draw more attention to yourself.


The segment about kids vs no kids is better.  Notice how much better it sounds to start with the story, include us all, make us think, and THEN tell your great stories and experiences…

RFM_Café da Manhã_08-09h – TALK 2 – Commenting something on newspaper_20141023