RFM New Season September 2014


What’s Working

The whole team with Rui sounds great it sounds like they all have fun together  good start!

The Nilton benchmarks are well integrated    It sounds like he’s there.

The new Bigote feature sounds great   It plays to Nilton’s strengths and involves everyone and everyone sounds like they are enjoying it.

What needs some attention

In Andreu led segments he needs to slow down a bit and have much more personality   His role is changing!

In the intro to Pensa Rapido it sounds like the team is talking about saying goodbye   Sont understand what this is about

In super medida once the caller wins Andreu has to start the song   Listeners start to leave the moment the win is over

Bigote is too long   It should be 2.30 more or less   Ty one I heard was 4.15



1)Andreu should do Formatics loud and proud and then slow down and express himself in the non benchmark segments. He has to be the personality much more than before.  Fun, funny, feel good.

2) The show can al,lst never be about them only.  It can only be about them in the context of something bigger like a news story or big event or common experience.   This is most critical at the start if a segment.

3) Until we get roles and benchmarks set, let’s go back to 2.30 length segments.


Audio Examples

Andreu talking too fast, not enough personality…

RFM_Café da Manhã_07-08h_TALK 1 – Someone has found Andre´s wallet


Rui Unas too much about him but good chemistry…

RFM_Café da Manhã_07-08h_TALK 5 – RUI UNAS


Pensa Rapido

RFM_Café da Manhã_07-08h_TALK 7 – Tease + SALVADOR – PENSA RÁPIDO


Super medida

RFM_Café da Manhã_07-08h_TALK 2 – Teasing SUPERMEDIDA



RFM_Café da Manhã_08-09h_TALK 3 – TEU PAI Nilton’s new benchmark