The Team

The team has become seamless.   They all interact so well together, like one voice.

Great teases.  More complete.

Andre should put jut a little more emphasis in the formatics at the front and back just to separate us from Comercial just a little bit more

Andrew tone is great.  Command, like a morning host.  Not like a DJ anymore.

Have to work to keep it from being “too inside” since you all have a comfort level now.  Remember new listeners!  (This is very very common).

The News

Five things?

Transition…did I hear a regular anchor or a substitute?  They should always end with a fun story that engages you and makes you (the team) laugh.

The Interviews

(Two interviews in the hour I listened to: Agir the singer and Kol the kick boxer)

Be disarming and get as personal as you can with them.  Get them talking about their personal experiences and stories as early in the interview as you can.

Reset every minute or two.

Prep for a reveal.  Whats the one thing or main thing you want to hear from this person, then work to get them to say something that makes the team say “WHOOOOOAAH” when the guest gets there.