What’s Working

-Great topic selection and mix! From politics to news to crazy stories, without ever sounding too much of one or the other. (Example 01 below)

-The politics is refreshing and well done. You have a unique take more often than not, you never get into the weeds, and just when it starts getting serious you back out and lighten the tone. (Example 02 below)

-Alternating the setups after Jamie’s intros is working well.

-Humor as always!

What needs some attention

-The energy and cadence have changed. Maybe it’s post holiday coma or the fact that you do so many hours every day and it may be becoming an issue. But the speed and energy are lower and slower than before. (Example 04 below)

-Related to the energy, the segments drag more consistently during discussion. There are longer pauses and it sounds like one is waiting patiently for the other to respond. It would be better to do the setups, both of you make your point or one responds clearly to the other’s point, and then move on earlier than you might normally, to keep the momentum up.

Audio Examples

01 Trump song/ dog finds lady in nightie

wmbd rm 01 trump song dog finds lad

02 Cruz from Canada, Trump jumps shark

wmbd rm 02 humor cruz from canada

04 Obama gun speech reaction

wmbd rm 03 obama gun reax