What’s Working…

When Roger explains stuff and gets away from reading papers and conservative talking points, he is excellent and unique.

Roger has a great casual sense of humor.  It comes across both in the way he does some stories and in the stories he selects.

What’s Not Working…

There is still a lot of pure conservative political ‘talking points’ content that really doesn’t sound much different from all the other shows, and the kind of content for which there is a lot of fatigue in the marketplace.

As Roger noted in our annual meeting, his energy can still be pretty low mid-segment.

He still reads from newspapers directly too often.



1) Really try to cut back on the pure politics even more.  This is the single biggest thing that is hurting shows nationally and that Roger can minimize where others can’t.

2) Don’t read from newspapers.  No “it says here…”

3) Explain, explain, explain.  This is the best thing Roger does and the thing that makes his show unique.

Here’s an example or Roger explaining…

Roger #5-Student:Auto Loans 2-35

A great topic, not typical, and well explained

At 2.00 he starts reading.  It’s a great example of Roger just explaining and Roger reading from a newspaper

Here’s an example of Roger with and without energy, also on a good topic. Cash for grades…

Roger #6-Cash for Grades 19-41

Note the difference in energy out of the music and then later in the topic.

At 2.30 he really starts to slow down.

Here’s an example of Roger’s sense of humor in storytelling and story selection.  A mafioso’s FB page…

Roger #3- The %22New%22 Mafia 16-37