General Observations…

We still need to focus on formatics: name, station, hour, and tease ahead.

Until a format change we should tie in with the music a little more: quick comments and stories about the the history of the songs, etc

Research in many other places is showing people listening to music stations in the morning want some talk of actual events, just some explanation or comments.  Nothing too heavy.  I would imagine this is very true for RR given the news commitment in the morning.

Audio Examples…

Renato Segment (Sardines)

RR 02 Renato

Renato’s actual segment is now good length, and he goes faster with the questions.

Renato does a good job of starting with a specific question. Now he just needs to perfect this with a great question every time.

The talk before and after his segment is too long…more than a minute on each side, and he repeats your introduction of his guest.

Miriam Segment refrigerator light

RR 01 Miriam

Great segment!  Fast, fun, interesting.  Well edited.

Nice interaction between Dina, Oscar, and Miriam after.  And EXCELLENT that Miriam had already asked an expert.

Miriam is developing into a nice personality!

Nice tease at the end of this segment.  This is how almost all segments should end!

Dina/Oscar isolated island

RR 03 remote island

This is very good.  Interesting, and shows off Dina and Oscar more.

This sounds like it’s being read.  It would be better to tell it.  Dina tells us, Oscar talks to you.

You could do this with some more actual things too, like Greece, to tie in a little better with the news.