What’s working…

The benchmarks and segments are so much shorter than they were.  It makes them more interesting, easier to listen to, and keeps the show moving a little faster.

The benchmarks are good ideas, and creative!

Dina and Oscar’s energy is better.  Maybe it’s the shorter segments, but they sound more alive.

What’s not working…

The newscast was mostly a single interview about children.  Not a lot of news.

Dina still sounds a little low key.  She needs to have more energy, and be a little more natural.

The benchmarks are still a little long and need to be tightened: questions in Cheese should only be asked once, Miriam should have maybe 30 seconds of intro and a few seconds each of several respondents.

We should start the segments straight into a benchmark, and “devolve” into something else as necessary after the benchmark.


1) More coffee for Dina.  More natural comments, more authentic.

2) Benchmarks to 2.30 TOTAL.

3) Start with benchmark right out of break or song

4) In Cheese, one line to describe the game as we start

5) In Miriam and Renato, 2 minutes total.  Short intro, very short sound from the street but more of it.