CHAD FOUR THINGS April 22, 2015

1) “What’s the thing” that gets your attention on every main topic you do? You have great insight. Dig deeper and get to how these crazy stories bump into your core beliefs. You’ll find they are great or absurd examples of why you do and don’t believe things.

2) Don’t read. Ever.

3). Jump right into your topic. Save name, numbers, Twitter, etc for later.

4) Tell stories, prep stories, ask your callers and guests for stories. More stories more often. Especially yours, as you use them to help explain your take on topics.


-45 year old white guy

-Successful. Supervisor or VP.

-He doesn’t have a lot of time. You have to work hard to get his attention

-He is in the ‘sandwich’ generation: kids in college/aging parents/worried about ability to retire. Find the issues and develop A point of view that informs him in these areas, gives him some hope for his future, and makes fun of the things that get in the way of these big life issues.