1) Too much sports and football.
2) Too much Phil, and when he does come on you have to bring him in with an introduction.  His name has to be Producer Phil.  Phil is his last name.
3) The humor is great!  Very topical, witty.   Keep it short.
4) The leads are inversed.  You start with chatter and hang out and then get into the really good stuff or main topic.  Focus on starting with the topic and then lightening up as you move on.

High school football players hit ref
  • This lead is too slow.  You get to a really good point, but too far in
Humor in football story
  • Very funny and topical
  • This is a perfect length.  Later you do another minute about the hair.  Leave it like this.
Inversed lead. Politicians and affairs
  • The real lead is over a minute in
  • Disembodied Phil.
Very disembodied Phil