1) Alex sounds comfortable and credible.  It’s a solid sound. The reading is better, managing the sounds is better 

2) The writing is still long and stiff and clunky.  What’s the workflow to get better writing?  Alex does the best job yet of sight editing and making clunky writing sound better.  But we still need better writing. 

3) The sound is good. Still phone tape but not as bad as before.  The reporter voices sound good.  We should add leads to highlight that we have reporters. 

4) Teases should be pre-written and specific   Nothing by category.  No teasing state and international news. 

5) We need formatics and branding.  Time and temp all the time.  Alex’s name more often. 

6) We need weather branding.  Big leads and outros.  Ready to brand a weather personality yet?

7) The clock has too much fill and not enough news in Q2 and too much news in Q3.

8) We song promote anything other than contest and garden show

Audio Examples…

01 First two mins of news

wibw 01 first two mins nx (extract)

02 Tech report?  No intro, not good quality, not interesting

wibw 02 tech report

03 Weather without branding

wibw am 03 wx branding