What’s Working…

Tony sounds much more comfortable now.  He’s really finding his rhythm.

He is relying less on Paige and talking more directly to the listener, which makes a big difference.  It makes him sound stronger.

He is reading out of papers less than before, which makes him sound more credible and knowledgable.

What’s Not Working…

Now that the reading and producer crutches are minimized, I can really hear the difference between ‘talking points’ opinions where he says what every other host is saying and the segments where he truly has a unique opinion.

Now that he is reading less, where he still does it it REALLY stands out.  He sounds clueless.  We  have to minimize this even more.

Formatics.  He needs to tease ahead more.  Sometimes he does, often he doesn’t, and when he does it’s often general.  In the first audio example below you’ll hear how he often closes segments.


1) Read as little as posible and never read the newspaper unless your point is about the article or author itself.

2) Spend more time in prep thinking through your point of view and what it is about the story that gets your attention, and give me more of you and less of what the rest of the world is saying.  The example below is a great model.

3) Continue to rely on Paige and others less.  This is great and it’s working.

4) Tease across breaks.  Very important in PPM!

Here’s an example of Tony with his own opinion, much better than ‘talking points’…

Katz #3-Borders Pt 2 30-46

This is really strong.  Great insight, and well explained

This sounds like the segment of someone who is eager for me to understand something a different way.  This is going to make him very successful.  It gives him a lot of credibility.

Here’s an example of Tony sticking to the same talking points everyone else is….

Katz #1- Middle East 8:4 6am 13-24

Here’s an example of a great non political topic, just as strong and with a unique point of view…

Katz #5-School Supplies $$ 53-21