What’s working…

 Tony is increasingly comfortable in the show.  It genuinely sounds like he is having fun.

When Tony gets to a point, it’s always solid.  It’s better when it’s his own thinking but even when it’s not it has more credibility than before.

Topic selection is excellent.  On Monday, August 18 it was Ferguson, Indiana State Fair, and David Gregory out at MTP.


What’s not working…

Still too much Paige and not enough us (examples below)

Tony really needs to practice formatics, which are critical in the morning (especially time and weather).

He is still taking too long to get to his point, too often




Do not focus on Paige.  Especially don’t focus on Paige when talking about main news topics.


Better prep.  Work out your point ahead of time, what you want us to understand about the topic, and then work out your monologue so that you have a clear Katz point strong and early in each segment.


Audio Examples…

All about Paige, not about us.  Elephant ears…

Katz 01 formatics paige nowhere

There are no formatics at all.  Should be station, name, time, and two words about what the weather will be today.


All about Paige, takes a long time to wind in on the departure of David Gregory…

Katz 02 gregory all about paige

This would be better if weren’t all about Paige, even if she goes on to comment.

He should be to his main point about Gregory within the first 30 seconds here.  In this audio he is barely to Gregory within the first 30 seconds.


On Ferguson.  Great quick set up, well made point…

katz 03 ferguson good