October 8, 2014


What’s working…

Marco’s tone is now perfect.  Not too fast, not too slow, and much friendlier and with more personality.

The team is really starting to sound like a team, like friends.

When Albanne is “playing” with Marco the sound is great.  More please!

Sexo is a good length and is more clear than before


What needs some attention…

We still need more conversation and less “reporting” in the Paul segment (examples below).

Paul’s main segment is really long…5 minutes!  About breasts!

Albanne still sounds like she’s reading in her segment (example below, suggestions below)

We still need more humor…simply very funny things that make the whole team laugh.



1) Marco hold the tone and personality right where they are.

2) Marco look for places to make a quick joke, a fast one.  Make it a goal to crack up Albanne, Paul, and even Flora more.

3) Albanne has two voices, higher when reading and lower when simply talking.  Use the lower voice, more relaxed, especially in the Albanne segment.

4) Paul make your segments more of a dialogue with Marco. They are almost there, it’s the minute or so in the middle where it gets long and monotone.

5) We need to make sure a segment lasts about 3.00 maximum, and closer to 2.30 is better.

6) In ALL segments, add more of your personal stories and experiences.  Keep them short, but use your own funny and crazy stories as part of other topics and benchmarks as a way for us to get to know you better.


Audio Examples…

Paul segment, not enough conversation at about 1.20 or so…


Second Paul Segment, not enough conversation at about 2.00 or so…



Albanne Segment.  Great laughing!  Albanne using “high voice” too much.



Sexo Forte…