Marco’s energy is now nearly perfect.  The DJ has left the building, and an entertaining, interested, friendly Morning Presenter is in the house.

Each of the personalities is more authentic, but more is needed.  In little ways, not big ways.  You can really here the difference.  In this show there is more sharing and less presenting.

I’d like to hear a little more presence and reaction from Albanne.  Little moments, nothing big.

I’d like to hear Paul smile more. He still sounds pretty serious.

The segments are all running too long for various reasons.  The answer is to go shorter, edit tighter, not to go faster.

Checking Benchmarks

Super Hero

Disease in ankle…


LOVE this benchmark!

Its not too cheesy!

It is much too long

The structure should be: their problem that causes someone to be the super hero (the WHY) first, then the person, then a fun, uplifting, never sad song about the person or the situation when possible.

Marco you lead this women through this interview perfectly by asking ‘closed’ questions.  PERFECT!  This should be a model for this benchmark and all interviews.

Sujet du Jour



Good information, well laid out

Albanne sets this up perfectly

Its good that Marco did not talk about cheating.  It’s good that Albanne did.  It is not good that Paul did.  I don’t want to know that the journalist cheats.  Its very important to be authentic but when it comes to something this moral/ethical, it’s better to be more careful.


Fat Dogs…


The set up is too long. We don’t get to the app until over one minute in!

Great start about Paul’s dog and his mother’s dog.  Get to the real tip right then, after a cute authentic open

Sexo Forte


Great tone and speed from Marco.  No DJ, all presenter

Good timing throughout…no one on too long, a fast goodbye!

Valentine could learn a thing or two from this…