What’s working…

Marco’s presentation is slower and more natural.

The Superhero benchmark is extremely strong

In one segment Marco opens up and gets authentic

Times are good…everything around 2.30-3.00.  It moves fast even though Marco is speaking more slowly.

What needs some attention…

Sexo seems flat.  There is not a lot of tension in it and actually Marco sounds a little robotic.  Is this an exception or is it starting to mostly sound this way?

I want to hear Marco be more authentic.  That was one of the big lessons we got from Valentine, and it sounds so good when Marco nails it.  We need to look for more opportunities.  For example, “Bon Plan” talking about renting purses Albanne could have asked Marco when he snoops in his girlfriends’ purses what he has found, what has surprised him.  Good opportunity for a quick story and authenticity.

(In Super hero at the beginning it sounds like Marco talks over himself.  Have we ordered Vox Pro yet?)

In the last aircheck when Marco was sick he actually sounded more “presenter” and less “dj” than here.  Here is going slower which is good, but not connecting quite as much overall.

Audio Examples…

App to know your neighbors.  Marco authentic…


Superhero. Just really good.



Bon Plan.  Want more Marco authentic here…