The focus of this monitor is Marco’s tone and style, to help get him to sound more like a commanding morning presenter and less like a DJ racing through morning elements.  

Bon Plan…


Excellent speed and personal story from Marco at the beginning!

Albanne is going too fast when she starts.

Albanne is reading when she starts (or at least it sounds like she’s reading)

At about 1.10, Albanne comes down, stops reading, and Marco starts to jump in.  It sounds great.  There are a few moments where they talk over each other, but the overall tone sounds great.




GREAT lead in from Marco!  Real difference in tone and his personality is really starting to come out!

Marco and Albanne do a great job of supporting this caller.   Well done!


Sujet du Jour


Once again, Marco is sounding better, more in control, and more interesting.

Paul now sounds a little fast and like he’s reading, samosa Albanne above in Bon Plan


1) Marco is fast in, slows down for the content, and then fast out.  That’s the right way to do it.  Keep doing it!

2) Albanne and Paul have to match Marco’s tone a little more.  They can still go a little faster…sound more excited about their content, but right now the difference is a little too much.

3) The more Marco’s personality comes out, the more it sounds like Albanne and Paul are reading! They are more exposed.  Their roles are to explain things to Marco and engage him in conversation, not just to ‘report’ to him.