Bon Plan


-Seamless transition into the BP,no pass off and no “oui, en fete…’

-Albane still reading too fast.  She really has to learn the basics of the story and just tell marco and Paul.




-This is really good, relatable.  Good reaction and not too much judgement from the team

-I would have loved just a little more probing:  what do you fantasize about doing, if you were sure you would not get in truouble for it?

-This is a strong segment



-Good segment, well strudtured with 3-2-1

-At 2.40 Albanne says something that makes everyone laugh.  It sounded great.  This is a sound I want to hear more consistently In this show.   Its probably the biggest thing that is missing globally.



-Another good laughing and plahing segment!

-Very relatable, and fun how they make fun of Albanne and her weekend habits.

-Seamless into Paul’s info, just like Bon Plan.  Really well done and smooth.