-Everybody is staying in their role and it sounds good and feels natural.

-The chemistry in all of the cuts below is just right!

-Alexis is still racing. Still too much DJ.  You can also hear this in two or there of the cuts.

-Mic processor?




-The prize has to be made to sound big and exciting!  (Box of station crap…)

-Once there’s a win, you have to move on, even if it’s fast.   Adjust for the time later.



-Excellent example!  The tension builds, it’s a fun listen.

-Alexis immediately takes control at the end.  This shows how far the team has come this season.

-It’s great to confess to the person on the phone.  It will allow you to be a little meaner.



-Alexis is too far away.  He needs to be the most present in the show.

-This needs a FB follow….Michael has to take a picture of someone trying and saying he’s going to post it, all protest, etc

-Alexis too fast still.  Sounds like DJ not morning show.

 News Out


-Too fast, better to be shorter than faster