Three audios suggested by Alexis and Nadia…


-Pick up the pace just a bit, this might be just a little too slow.

-This is too much about you. It has to integrate into a topic that I care about, and then your experiences with that topic.

-This is too serious.  No one’s having fun with this.  It kind of sounds like talk radio.

To make this more relevant:  Start with a story of a star that has started exercising or started a fitness business or app or something, and then end up talking about how easy it is to say you’ll do it, etc.  And very briefly mention how you exercise.  Keep it fun.  Have to make each other smile or laugh.



-This is a great topic.  Bring it back again in a couple of weeks!

-In this one, it’s great that you talk about your own and yourselves.  You are integrating into the topic.

-This needs to be prepared and produced.

To make this more relevant: Prepare it.  Get the music from YOUR favorite shows and maybe one of the all time favorites like Friends.  Maybe look for a very famous scene from Friends on YouTube and strip off the audio.   Think ahead about what your favorite shows are and why.  Then on the air, make the conversation very casual and spontaneous as you ask each other about your favorites.  But then the music and a scene or two will be ready.  




-At about 20 seconds in when you talk about Game of Thrones and how you love when people get killed: that’s GREAT.  That’s good content from you.

-Nadia talks too long. This is a conversation, not a report.  Maybe Nadia is the keeper of the information, but it always has to be a conversation.

-Jordan’s intervention is good.  Alexis: instead of asking Jordan if there is VIP interest, ask him what it is: “Jordan, what do the stars like??”