What’s Working…

The shorter segments are working so much better.  The humor is better, and everyone is actually participating more in short time than they were in longer time!

Alexis is really driving the segments now.  That’s very important and it sounds great.

I think the Video benchmark is going to be big.  We should make a bigger open for it.

Great mix of personal stories and reactions!



What Needs More Attention…

Sometimes for the formatics into the segment are taking too long.  Sometimes we get to segment content at about :30 in.  Can we reduce this or is it as good as it is going to be?

For as good as the segments now sound, they are still “announced” or “presented”.  I want Alexis and Nadia to sound more like friends hanging out.  We can work on this next week.

Now that Alexis is more in control, I want to hear more drama in the stories.  Just a little story when he is setting up, and a little more pause.  Really grab more attention.

We have much more personal experiences but I’d love still more.  In Topic/Best Excuses, for example, I want to hear when one of the team really scored or failed with an excuse…even better if it was to Christophe (first audio below)…


Audio Examples…

Topic of the day. Best excuses.   Note formatics last almost :30


Video of the day.  Really  well done.  They need to say Intern Maxime so we know who she is…