Sexo Forte


About the limit for questions.  Dont want too disgusting with our audience

This went fast and was well run, and we wasted no time after the win!  Good!

You have to be happy about the music and mention it

This should always end with the station name and song, not Fayole’s email address.

Prank Call


Pretty funny that the first girl didn’t realize what was going on BUT…

Is this too close to the target again?  Maybe we should do a reveal when it’s close to the target so everyone laughs as a song starts

What did the girl say she is good at at the end?

Get Fayole a Date


Tough call

It did not really end, no big payoff one way or the other.

When its like this, better to not run it.  Get one with tension and payoff or don’t do it.

What is the Gege comment at about 1.20?

Still worth the benchmark?

Topic of the day


Really great attempt at being authentic and opening up

Alexis slow down and be more authentic, more human

Alexis I want you be to not just authentic but vulnerable…YOU should not be sure about pet psychologist.  Make the listener wonder if your girlfriend or her brother are listening to you. This adds tension and is more engaging

Good topic of the day overall.  What kind of responses did you get?