What’s working…

Team chemistry at a whole new level!!  (first example below)

Alexis is starting to manage the team and the time in the segments

The segments are moving faster without the team talking faster!

Jordan’s sniping starting to sound like sniping.


What needs some attention…

Nadia still talking over Alexis sometimes.

Too much about them.  Way too much.

Too much teasing of Nadia all the time.



1) Make comments about yourselves secondary to whatever the story or topic is.

2) Nadia has to be very selective about talking over Alexis.  Mostly she can’t do it.

3) Jordan should be the focus of the teasing comments, so it’s not two boys ganging up on the girl.


Audio Examples…

GREAT pace, speed, management of the segment…



Alexis managing the segment and the time and the team…



Nadia still interrupting too much…