Alexis Style…


This is hardly an insolite.  Its more like a topic of the day starter.

Still a little too fast, too dj like

Remember the pauses.  Build the tension.  Maybe a countdown from 4 to 1?


Nadia Style…


Really friendly, always smiling but not too much.

This is also in the new game, very friendly to the caller.  Great role.

Still need you to be the funny one.  The hardest part of the role.  Keep Alexis laughing or saying “whoa…!!”

Jordan Style…

Like the voice here!  Don’t do this as a rule…do it as an exception, but it shows your talent well and really stands out.

Also, I like the crank call with the four different stars.  It was different and well done.

Sometimes it still sounds like you’re talking to get attention.  Not necessary!  Just jump in when you have the one line that will throw everybody off.