Alexis “command” really starting to happen.

Transitions are better than ever

Phantom cume.  1.4 million, 14%, but still few mentions…


Topic Of The Day

Team stories are good, call is good.

Team transitions are excellent.

This is just too long.  Maybe team examples, one from FB and then the call




Challenge De Luxe

This is really well done.  If we can keep it like this it will be a keeper benchmark.

Jordan Perfect balance between your normal voice during the call and crazy voice after.

The of of this is too long.   Great to give the woman’s store a mention but then move on.




Bon Plan

Good transition into the benchmark without an announcment or introduction.

Nadia, smile more.  Yes, even here.

Jordan, nice out.  Good sniper comment.



News Out

Good length.  Good tease.  Good to hear Nadia defending the target.

Not necessary for Jordan to jump in on every segment like this.  If anything, a sound off mic.