-More control during Sexo.  Sounds better.

-Slow down just a little more.  Same energy but slower.

-Hand signal when you’re going to really say something, everyone else waits.  -People still talking over you.

-In Sexo naturally defend the giel  remember you’re always her champion


-Perfect smiling. Sounds really friendly and fun.   Keep it just like this except ehen you are being funny and trying to crack up Alexis.

-In Sexo have fun with the guy.  A little flirty, like the guy is always cute.

-Be as funny as you can.  Don’t force it but look for it   Make Alexis laugh


-Find the space to snipe into   Don’t snipe over Alexis anymore   Make sure it’s a space where he can hear you

Prank Call

-It just cannot be old women or the target, ever.

-If you have old calls for these things, don’t replay them now.

Sexo Forte

-The aircheck for question sounds better!  It is more interesting and there is more twnsion

-Look for questions with few answers and five very little room for guessing or guessing the same thing the other person says (glasses/sunglasses). The more sexual or relationship tension, the better.

-Still taking too long to get to the first question   Get there in .30 or less