Monday’s video benchmark…


Nice to hear them focused on something and moving forward!

Alexis is leading and Nadia is funny.  They are in the right roles.

Alexis is going too fast.  He has to go slower to add some drama and tension

There are too many cuts.  He should play a couple of the best ones and then they should have fun with it.  They should play just enough audio to make them laugh, and to make me want to go to FB to see and share it.

There is not enough Jordan here, and he doesn’t really snipe when he finally appears

They have to make this about FB throughout.  They should say “Ok the whole video is on FB so you can share it with your friend, but we have to play just two quick samples.  You’re going to love this…”



This is better.  Alexis is a little slower and it’s right to have just three audios.

Jordan is better and more present.

The have to say the FB stuff at the beginning too, as suggested above.