-Fast!  Great rhythm.  Not wasting time.

-Nadia perfect in your role here.  Funny, playful, smiling.

-I would love a crazier fact about each person.

-We need stronger questions with more tension.

-Dont mention their ages


-The first story is not insolite. We need better prep for really crazy stories. The second story is better. 

-Alexis slow down a little and lower your voice.  You are sounding like a DJ again and not a morning host.  You own these, remember. Don’t race time. 


Defi DeLuxe…


-This is a fun call.  I think it matches the target better than the prank call

-There is tension in this. It builds.  That’s good.  Even when jordan doesn’t win.

-Like with topic of day before weather and traffic, we should switch this segment so we tease traffic and weather and then get into the segment, and then at the moment of win/loss for Jordan, the song starts.


Topic Of Day


-Don’t announce question.  Make it organic like “we’ve been talking about…”

-Michael the journalist has to be more engaged and ready to be brought In.