Battle of Sexes


Alexis, you’re still too much of an announcer at first.  Bring it down, be more authentic

In the middle right before they start they answers, your tone is perfect

Fayole, I’d love to hear a little more of you making fun, making the callers laugh

Remember, the moment, there’s a winner, start the song and be excited about it.

Prank Call


Great call!

Good way to talk sex, not vulgar at all

Fantastic that she knows the show!

Fayole Gets a Date in One Minute


This needs a lot more context.  Why are we doing this?

Is this going to be good enough over time?

Truth Or Dare


We should try to keep these more real so there is less acting involved

We need to set this up much better, especially since its a new benchmark.  Good for Fayole for starting to set it up.  We need more.