Things to work on immediately for followup meeting tomorrow…

Good leadership getting us in to almost all segments.  Keep that leadership going throughout the segment.  Fayole and Jordan are going to want to take the segment off the tracks.  Keep them short and focused with hand signals or just moving on.  They don’t always have to be answered

It is still taking us a long time to get into things like sexo  Keeps the lines and comments short to keep it moving forward.  And in Sexo specifically, the funny line about each person should sound real.

Always involve us.  If you have a story, if you have a comment, call us text us DM us…

Acting.  When in Secret, you have act like you care, like this is an emotional thing.


Slow down even more.  Use your voice, get closer to the mic, smile

Great comments, just keep them to one thought and short.  And be open to Alexis moving you along


Not sure why I did not hear from you more in the segments we prepped, but the sniping is now really good.  (1.00 good snipe)


Audio Examples…

01 Sexo.  Good leading in, but slow to first question…



02 Hero.  Good lead in and explain, but no emotion and too long about movie



03 Good example of Jordan sniping as he should (1.00 into the segment)