-Alexis still has to slow down a little and have more ‘command’

-Nadia needs to be the funny one and sometimes the ‘sniper’ jumping in with a comment to make Alexis lose control.

-Jordan has his place now.  Not too much or too little.  Very good.



-Great interaction from all

-Alexis still needs to slow down, have control

-Is this info interesting enough for the time you are asking of me?  It may be too little in too much time?



-This takes too long.  It’s a full minute before the first question.

-We can’t make fake descriptions of the players.  We have to ask them personal questions off air to get fun sexy facts about them that we share when introducing them.

-As soon as there’s a win, move on!

-They have to follow the rules.  Cut the possible answers.



-We have to stop with the moms and old ladies.

-We have to focus on young men and women, especially men, or kill this benchmark until we can find another way to do it.