Gerard Awards…


GREAT interaction of whole team, and fast.  Feels like there is a lot to talk about!

Alexis may be going a little TOO fast, especially in his entry and exit

Since they’re talking about awards and Tv shows, is there any sound available from YouTube or other sources>  Just one funny piece, not a sound for every show they mention.


Bon Plan…


This should be presented by thing, not name.  In other words it’s stronger if Alexis says “Ok, so you have shit you don’t need and someone else has treasures you want…Nadia you found a place to make trades and save money…”

Good speed and pace on this one.  Nobody going too fast, but it keeps moving forward.


Sexo Forte…


I think the formatics may be a little long, at almost :20.  Since this is a hard segment to keep short anyway, every second counts!

Also at about  a minute in when Jordan is introduced as Mr Ravensburger he distracts Alexis and Nadia and costs ANOTHER 15 seconds.  With quick formatics and by getting directly into the game, this segment would have flowed better and been about 3 minutes long, or a little less!


Sujet du Jour (what song makes you sing like chunky yogurt)…


Great timing and speed!  Not too fast, keeps moving

The caller appears magically disappears just as fast.  PERFECT way to handle a caller, without wasting time.

This is a great idea for a regular benchmark.  We should test this.