VOLTAGE Super Hero

This is a good start.  Even though it’s a ‘good news’ story it still needs tension.  That’s probably a prep thing when you learn about the story.  For instance in this one the tension would be all those years apart and all the years lost before finally getting together.

This has to be smoother in two ways: Alexis slower and closer to the mic, more intimate.  And better edited so it doesn’t jump edits quite as noticeably or fast.

This needs a reveal at the end.  Maybe she says “Jean Eric  is my super hero” and then we hear how they met, went on to marry others, etc and then at the end it turns out Jean Eric is her current husband and they waited all these years.  It needs an end that really hooks the listener and makes her smile.

Is this too sweet for France?  I know that was a concern at the very beginning.