Sounds like a group of friends.  It’s fun and feels good and getting funnier.

It’s a great mix of entertainment with the variety of benchmarks we have.

The team sounds authentic but could use a few more personal moments, very short, from Alexis. More self deprecating.  More vulnerable.

We have to change the Fayole Segment.  I want to put a second Flex Time in for it, after the holiday game break.

We are introducing a new tool: doing a topic ‘reset’ midway through a segment, mostly Flex Time but never Sexo.  Alexis will briefly say “we’re talking about…” so that no segment becomes confusing to new listeners or people who have just tuned in.


Alexis there is more command but much more is needed.  It needs to be when Alexis talks everyone listens. Alexis you keep us moving forward.  Alexis has to be more vulnerable, authentic.

Faye has a great laugh.  Use it more.

Jordan now near perfect. Great comment at the right moment then out.  Perfect sniper.


Replace Fayole minute with another flex time.

Flex time sounds great. You are all really shining and sounding like people I want to know. That’s why I want to add more.  Make it more topical from time to time. Your reactions to something going on in the world. But not too serious and leave me with some hope.



Get back to doing funny descriptors of each player at beginning.  It adds a lot!

You consistently go more that a minute after the win!  I have mentioned this three times now. Time to get right to the song after the win!

You still sometimes end with Fayole email.  You HAVE to end excited about a song, and announce the song.



Perfect:  The concept. The two calls. That you had both guys smiling at the end. The pre prepared sample of Jordan singing.

Demi Deluxe


Jordan much more in the proper role: not mean, we don’t feel sorry for the person.

The Michael snipe sounds good here, like the whole team is paying attention.

After this call Alexis has to have more command.  Too many people speaking at once and Alexis is not managing this.  It must be that when Alexis speaks, everyone goes quiet and listens.

Flex Time


This its pretty good.  You sound like real friends.

The topic is sufficiently relevant to the target audience.

This goes too long.  This is where the new ‘reset’ would help a lot.

Alexis has more command here, as he addresses Michael toward the end.  We need more of this, please.

Jordan perfect sniping (“…said the woman who bought curtains before getting a place…)

Fayole segments that led to my decision to scrap the benchmark