VOLTAGE vs NRJ 8h30 Thursday, September 10, 2015




-This feels a little too serious because of the two crime stories together and the mayor story right before them.  This should have been better balanced, lighter overall.  Maybe ONE of the crime stories but not both.

-We should normally not have politicians on our air, and much less over the phone.  This might be an exception because the immigration story, which is the biggest story in the world on this day, comes to the 95.

-We should end light.  Ending with another protest is too serious and normal.  The last story should make you smile.  Not like insolit exactly, but lighter.

-The “Five Things” really works.  It makes the Flash seem shorter than it really is.

NRJ Flash…


-This feels more Paris than ours does because of the subway story.  That’s a perfect story for our audience.

-There is too much BS at the beginning, this is too long overall.

-Notice how it ends light, with sound that reflects the format because it’s about music and politics, and it’s not over the phone.