What is working…

Great concept!

It moves fast, and the productions values are excellent.  The numbered stings, the amount of sound in the hour both sound very good.

Good story selection.  It really doesn’t feel like the earlier stories are ‘less than’.  They feel more timeless and not breaking, which is better than ‘less than’.


What needs some attention…

Mike starts strong and makes every story interesting no matter where it is on the list.  Ray starts very weak and always meanders at the very beginning of stories.  Here he is on #10…

1010 02 meander realtor

-On this I would expect them to be more forceful just to add weight and interest to a higher numbered story.  Ray makes it sound like this really doesn’t matter.  Dangerous, first up in the show.

And here he is on #1.  He manages to make the Malaysian Piece story not at all about the missing jet…

1010 04 meander even 1


Here is Mike on a story.  Strong start, clear focus, keeps it about the story and moving forward, even though he is conversational and not in “newscast” mode…

1010 03 mike clearer stories bigger

I think the open is well produced but could be a bit tighter.  The long music bed worries me, as does Ray’s meander off topic at the very beginning of the story…

1010 01 tighter open bigger lead



1) Ray needs to focus on the story itself, give it some gravity, and keep moving forward as Mike does.  He should not meander.

2) Conversation and comments are great, and many of theirs are really good.  But they have to be in the context of the story itself and not their own experience, semantics, etc.  They can’t tangent.

3)Would it sound better to have Mike start every story, ‘host’ the hour essentially, with Ray giving more detail, some in-context story, and some comments?  I think it is worth considering.

4) Cut down the open so they go right from their teases into the first story without giving the listener any break or chance to tune away.  Tight and momentum are really important in the transition from open to #10