Recent Ratings…

Down a bit from the last few months, the peak was in May.

It’s mostly time per occasion that is dropping. They are still tuning in about as often, especially on a daily basis.  They are just not staying as long as they were before.

It appears to be the secondary cume that is dropping, not the fans.  That is usually a sign that the show is too inside, not relevant enough to non fans.

This is a very common situation.  This is what the “less listening tune-out” actually looks and sounds like…

WIBC COTR MM tuneone

WIBC COTR 02 calls no context


This is what it looks and sounds like when you get into a topic faster, and there is less giggling and more ‘good stuff’…

WIBC COTR MM no meters out

WIBC COTR 03 hill nom no meters



Prep a good, insightful point that the rest of us have missed or haven’t thought of or aren’t paying enough attention to.

Share your experiences as they relate to topics.  Be moms, be smart, all knowing women.  Be “good conservatives”, and talk to us about how you see topics and events through those filters.

Start strong, right into a topic and then as fast as possible to ‘the good stuff’.  You will get more leeway after making a great point and jumping into a topic than before it.

Explain everything.  Assume the whole audience is brand new every day.  The fans will  not tune out and in fact will barely notice.  All the new listeners coming in will feel included immediately, ‘get it’, and start to come back more frequently.

Keep the rotation tight.  Promote Trump/Hillary stuff when doing something else.  Try to hit or mention your two biggest things in every segment, even if one mention is a tease.