These are the main segments of a single hour broken down since the hour featured an interview with Carly Fiorina and the Huckabee announcement. Overall the Chicks are less giggly, get to their points faster, and those points are more engaging than they were previously. There are some specific things they can do in interviews to control them better and make them ‘sharper’…

Carly Fiorina

Chicks and Carly Fiorina, segment 1…
COTR -01 Carli Fiorina Tues 5:5

Fast, clear entry into this interview. A strong start!

The questions could have been more specific make the interview more engaging and to take advantage of the short time available. For instance the fist question about HP could have been “Alright you got fired at HP. You’ve called it a boardroom brawl. What happened in that boardoom” That would have gotten Carly past the first minute of just campaign talking points.

Chicks and Carly Fiorina, segment 2…
COTR -02 More Carli

Same issue as above: the Chicks could have asked a sharper question about Hillary and the war on women to get Carly to the main point of her answer more quickly. Maybe “Hillary’s all about the war on women. You’re now about the war on Hillary. How do you make this about her record and not just a concept?”


Huckabee announces and gets slowly thrown under the COTR bus…
COTR 04-Huckabee

This is just fun. Its quintessential Chicks, but its not mean. Really well done.


The Bird
Windows and new emoji flipping the bird…
COTR 06- Microsoft Emoji’s

Great points about kids and the bird in rainbow or racial colors, and great point about the dumbing down of our language.