What’s working…

It’s really much easier to understand when one leads off and sets up and there is less giggling.

Their opinions are even more clear.

Callers sound good.  The calls are short, the responses are short, and it really feels like the show has a tight, inviting community.

What needs some attention…

Even though the giggling and talking over is much better they still have to work on it.  Some hours it’s still there like nothing changed. Example below.

Now that the topic setups and opinions are easier to understand, we need more insight .  More why they think this way.  More of their beliefs.  This is a prep thing. They have to ask themselves why they think what they do, maybe think of a personal experience that adds.

Lightning round needs two things:  It needs to be explained much better so new listeners know what it is and how it works.  It’s very inside (example below).  Also it might make more sense for them to prep their responses to the stories.   It can and should be set up to be implied that it’s all spontaneous, but I’d they had more witty, insightful immediate responses to Matt’s stories, it would really pop.

We need better Formatics.  They need to explain who is whom, who the producer works, how the benchmarks work, etc. this will really help the show not feel so exclusive with such a high barrier to entry.

Audio Examples

01 Lightning Round open…

WIBC COTR 01 lghtn too inside giggle

Too inside

Too much giggle

Too hard to follow, worse for new listeners

02 Fiorina on the View

WIBC COTR 02 fiorina view clear strong

Compare to cut above:

Strong setup.  Clear, well laid out

Strong opinion

04 Tatto Dad

WIBC COTR 04 tattoo dad good opin nd insight

Clear. Strong opinion.

Needs insight. Why do You think this is absurd. Go deeper.  Story of bonding with your dad?

This is the kind of story that needs one more prep step.

02 Fiorina on View

Much more clear open and set up!

03 Callers

WIBC COTR 03 callers good short commun

Great use of callers.

Sounds like a community

Quick call, quick response, and they move on!