In the LAPD, when officers make a stop, before they get out of the car they decide their clear roles so there is no confusion once they’re in the moment.  They decide which one is “contact” and which is “cover”…who has direct contact with the driver, etc and who stands back on the sidewalk.  

 I think it’s a great analogy for a two person radio show.  For every segment, one person should lead: set up a well told story, hit whatever facts they feel is necessary.  The second person should wait and not intervene until the main story and main facts are out there, and then jump in with opinion and reaction.  THEN the free-for-all can begin where they go back and forth and agree, disagree, etc.  

Great topics, good segments, where this would make the show even better…

The next debate…


Great topic, good comments and info from both

Note that they overlap a lot, no time to breathe or think

Note that there is not really a clear setup.  When one person is trying to make a point, the other tangents it quickly

Kentucky lady and God…


Another great topic with good info and insight from both Chicks

Note that the setup is easier to follow, but could be even more so

Note that a couple of minutes in it starts to get a little confusing, like they are talking about loud and maybe not well prepped

Show Open…


The End of Summer is quite topical, not a bad topic to open with

Note that they overlap and keep tangenting each other

Note that the topic quickly meanders, no one really offering much more than chat

It would have been better to have something clearly prepped to say and then move on or just jump into one of the topics above.  This went about 3 minutes total.