From a live meeting with Dana in Dallas to present results from the Indy and Orlando content studies.  This is my recap to Dana after the meeting:


Key Findings
1) Smartphone listening in Indy is exceptional: 42% of the audience hears a radio station over a smartphone in a typical week!
2) Your familiarity is still pretty low, at about 40%.  That means strong growth potential, especially when you take into account how well regarded you are in that market.
3) You have the highest Reason To Listen scores of anyone in the market, which makes this recent decision make sense.  Both Tony and The Chicks have similar scores, and 75% of your audience listens to those shows, so there is a lot of natural opportunity to cross promote you and them very well, so you can all ‘turbo’ each other.
4) What people love and want more of from you: Informative (which means explaining), frank, fun, funny.  Those entertainment scores are huge, unique, and the road to real growth.    Perhaps the biggest thing they appreciate are your personal stories, as long as they are in the context of topics you are doing and not casual stories about your life.
5) What people love and want more of from your show: A solid mix of social/moral issues, current news, and some partisan politics. They don’t want  religion.   The social/moral and current news get more attention with younger, newer, and potential listeners.
6) Anger and rants go over well, but in moderation…use the anger as an exception to really drive a point you are passionate about, rather than as a rule (as Levin, Savage, and others do).